The Difference Between Black and Green Olives

If you’re like most people, you’re familiar with two main varieties of olive: the black ones, and the green ones. But do you know the difference between the two? Indeed, both types of olive have distinctly different tastes and uses.

black-green-olivesThe first thing to realize is that common black olives are genetically the same as the common green olives. The green ones are simply less ripe than their black cousins. After the green olives are harvested, they are typically soaked in a lye solution, then fermented in brine to make them more palatable. This gives them a dense texture and bitter taste that complements a stuffing of pepper, garlic, or cheese.

Black olives are soaked in lye and cured in brine much like the green olives, but it is rare to see them stuffed. The end result has about half as much sodium as the green olives, and more of the healthy olive oil that makes them such a valuable addition to any diet.

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