Mussels: Always a Strong Choice

When it comes to shellfish, the mussel is always a good option. Not only is it one of the world’s more sustainable forms of seafood, but it is also a rich and delicious source of many important vitamins and minerals. When you eat mussels, you’re getting lean protein, iron, vitamin C, folate, phosphorus, and several valuable B vitamins. Of particular note is the vitamin B12, selenium, and manganese, all of which are particularly strong in the humble mussel. A three-ounce serving of mussels gives you more than your daily recommended requirement of all three of these.

There are plenty of good reasons to eat mussels, and our Italian restaurant in Bothell offers you even more. Come and try mussels the Italian way in our cozze, served with Penn Cove mussels, cherry tomatoes, and a saffron-white wine broth!