Eating Pizza Like an Italian

For a lot of people, nothing says Italian food like a quality piece of pizza. However, most of their experience with pizza comes from New York, Chicago, and other distinctly American locales. They therefore don’t know what to expect from a real, authentic Italian restaurant when they order a pizza. Will the pizza be the same as what they’re used to? Will they be able to eat it in a way that won’t look foolish to the Italian locals? Our Bothell Italian restaurant has the answers.

The good news is that there is really not a whole lot to worry about when it comes to authentic Italian pizza. Though we in America are mostly accustomed to the image of the European people eating their food with a knife and fork, Italians make an exception for their pizza. The only major difference you’re likely to notice is that your pizza will often come to you uncut; when dining at an Italian pizzeria, simply cut your own pie into quarters, pick up a quarter, fold it lengthwise, and enjoy.